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NEW! With the launch of the digital edition of the magazine, all print ads now appear in the digital edition as well at no additional cost. (See Print Ad Specs for information on maximizing ad effectiveness via digital edition advertising.)

ATTENTION AUTHORS: Call (718-237-1097 ext.115) or email Giselle at Giselle@RTBookReviews.comfor Special Author Discounts! Ask For Giselle Hirtenfeld/Goldfeder.

Four-Color Advertising Rates Multiple Insertion (CONTRACT REQUIRED):

Rate Color:
Full Page
2/3 Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
1/6 Page

24-Time Rate:
12-Time Rate:
6-Time Rate:
3-Time Rate:
One-Time Rate:

Other Charges for Color Ads:
**RT BOOK REVIEWS layout & design - $100
**1st scan & each add'l color scan - $100


Premium Position Ad Rates (for color):

No Multiple Insertion Rates Available for Cover Positions

Front Cover
Back Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Centerfold Ad Rate
Page 1
Far Forward Placement Guarantee**

70lb UV-coated: $4,925*
70lb UV-coated: $3,550
70lb Glossy: $3,555
70lb Glossy: $3,460
2-page spread on 34lb coated stock: $5,045
34lb coated stock: $3,430
34lb coated stock: $3,390

*Front cover rate is for spotlight positioning only. RT will design front cover and retains the right to include any art or text we deem necessary to sell our magazine. All production charges still apply.

**A limited amount of guaranteed far forward placement ads will be allowed per issue. These ads will run in the first third of the magazine.


Black and White Ad Rates Multiple Insertion (CONTRACT REQUIRED):

Rate B/W:
Full Page
2/3 Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
1/6 Page

24-Time Rate:
12-Time Rate:
6-Time Rate:
3-Time Rate:
One-Time Rate:

Other Charges for B/W Ads:
Photo and Book Cover Scanning: $35 each


NOTE: Special ad sizes, placement, fractional ad spreads, or frational bleed ads will be considered upon request.

Exclusive Advertising Opportunity for Debut Authors Only!

In our efforts to support debut authors and give them affordable visibility in RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine, we have created a special advertorial page designed to showcase first-time authors. See a sample page.

The page has a common headline: New Author Spotlight. It is shared by a maximum of 4 authors (minimum of 2 on a half page).

The size of the advertorial space is approximately 1/4 of a page (3.25" x 4.5") and is 4-color.

The format is the same for all the spotlights and includes the following:

Full color book cover
Full color author photo
Genre category
A 50 word description about the book
A 35 word author promo copy which can include a bio, awards, review quotes, etc.

Copy and materials are due one week after the issue close date. These ads are created in-house by the staff at no additional cost.

The cost for these special Debut Authors in the Spotlight ads are being offered at an incredible price for new authors only for $580 and for publishers promoting their new authors for $790, which is significantly lower than even the 24x rate for a 1/6 page color ad!

These spots are available on a first come, first served basis. There is a two spotlight minimum for the section, which means if we only have one author for the issue it will not run in that month's magazine.

This special offer is also available to authors who have previously been published via a small press (with just one book) and are making their "mainstream publishing" debut.

For more information or to reserve space, email

ATTENTION AUTHORS: Call (718-237-1097 ext.115) or email for Special Author Discounts! Ask For Giselle Hirtenfeld/Goldfeder.

We reserve the right to determine if ads are suitable for our audience, and to determine if their design is professional in appearance. All rates are net and subject to annual increases.