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Debut Author Spotlight: Sarah Tomp

Moonshine, romance and small town drama — what's not to love about Sarah Tomp's My Best Everything? It's the story of Lulu, who cooks up a moonshine business to pay for college — with town bad boy Mason. To celebrate the book's release, we turned our Debut Author Spotlight on Sarah and she spilled the beans on her favorite word, author icons and her new book.

Series Starters You Need to Read: March 2015 Edition

Is there anything better than discovering a series just at its start? When you're reading those first pages and you're thinking this is going to be so good! And then, when the series gets big, you can say, "Oh, I've been reading those forever." Such are the wonders of being a book lover. And so, we present to you: three awesome new series you need to try ASAP.