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Cheaper By The Dozen - This Week's Hot E-Book Deals (Free Novella Edition!)

One of our favorite features of the e-revolution is the sheer amount of books you can pack into such a tiny digital device. But what do you do when the growing number of new reads causes your wallet to shrink uncomfortably? Shop the e-book deals, of course! In this column we highlight some of our favorite book buys that will cost you less than a medium-sized coffee. All prices listed are accurate at the time of this blog's posting. This week we're featuring all (mostly) free novellas!Historical Romance A Grosvenor Square Christmas by Anna Campbell, Shana Galen, Vanessa Kelly, Kate NobleGet It On Amazon For Free >> Contemporary RomanceWounded by Cindy StarkGet It On Amazon For Free >>Get It On B&N For Free >> New Adult Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover Get It On Amazon For Free >>Get It On B&N For Free >>     

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Win Me A Match.com Subscription: Celebrating Laura Lee Guhrke's When the Marquess Met His Match

Listen, we know. Dating is hard. It's not like you're in a romance novel, where when you trip walking across the street, a dashing billionaire swoops in to save you from certain death. No, you generally notice in time and then get splashed by a passing bus. 

Into the Archives: Bella Andre

Today on Into the Archives, we have superstar author Bella Andre delving into her backlist to dish on her favorite titles. With more than two million books sold, and having made a groundbreaking print-only deal with Harlequin for her originally self-published Sullivan series, Bella truly knows her way around her happy ending.