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Sharon Page Asks: Why Do We Really Love Bikers?

Ah, biker heroes. Their appeal is real, raw — and has romance fans begging for more. They're cropping up in our erotica, New Adult and contemporary romances — not to mention on TV and in films. So we asked erotica author Sharon Page, whose latest story "Fast and Mine" is one of 14 in the Riding Desire box set, to tell us why we can't get enough of those biker heroes. After consulting her fellow romance authors, here's what she has to say:

Bitten Recap: Episode 1.8 - "Prisoner"

In Bitten 1.8, “Prisoner,” there’s physical torment, emotional torment and a sexy scene too hot for American TV. Far from whistling while they work, Elena and Clay clean up the bloody remnants of Antonio’s demise. “I feel like we failed Antonio,” Elena whispers, Lady Macbeth-ing the bloody table. “We did,” broods Clay. Elena then checks on a feverish Jeremy, who is still Alpha enough to tell her how to solve his poisoning woes. (Bad. Ass.) Clay offers to torture Cain for the type of poison used. “I’ll make him talk,” he vows. Too bad Cain has wolfed out! Elena decides to go find the rest of the mutts, starting with their human hanger-on, Amber, and promises Clay she’ll call if she needs backup.

Jeannie Lin Tells Us: How My Worst Seller Became a Bestseller and What it Means to Write “Different”

Any author will tell you, publishing can be a volatile industry in which to build a career. Even as we as readers clamber for more, finding one’s way amongst the pitfalls of contracts, self-publishing, marketing and more can be tough.