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Neighborhood Watch: Nora Loves Rear Window, Just Like Us!

So it’s Monday, sure, and tomorrow’s tax day. But it’s also spring and there’s a new Nora Roberts book out this week, The Collector! This time, la Nora latest takes on a Rear Window-esque vibe, one of our very favorite homages. We thought that as we wait for release day, we’d walk through some of our other favorite Read Window call backs as we torture the rest of the RT staff with our very best James Stuart impressions.

Score! Six Sports Romances Readers Can Root For

Hey there, sports fan! While we mostly appreciate sports because we can drink beer while watching them, and also those tight pants the athletes often wear — we mean, is that spandex? — there’s a growing subgenre of sports romances that are hitting it big (scoring big? winning … matches? Like we said, we’re mainly in it for the beer and pants.).

Working Girls: Heroines with Careers We Covet

We sometimes daydream about what it would be like to be the heroine of a romance novel — the angst, the drama, the hero. But several of this month's romances have caught our attention, not only because of them swoonworthy love story, but because of the heroine's awesome profession! Here's a roundup of our favorite  heroines on the job this month.