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Currently Reading: Elissa and DJ

We read. A lot. We're almost proud of how tall our TBR piles have become. We mean, there's really no such thing as a TBR pile that's "too big," let's be honest. Since we know you share our obsession, we thought we'd give you an update on what we're reading and how we're feeling about the books. Let's take a look:

Cheaper by the Dozen — This Week's E-book Deals

What do you do when the growing number of new reads causes your wallet to shrink uncomfortably? Shop the e-book deals, of course! In this column we highlight some of our favorite book buys that will cost you less than a medium-sized coffee. All prices listed are accurate at the time of this blog's posting. Prices subject to change without notice.

Giveaway: The Cozy Cookbook

We love food almost as much as we love books, so we're incredibly excited to host this giveaway for The Cozy Cookbook, a new cookbook featuring over 100 recipes from your favorite cozy mystery authors! Inside, you'll find delicious recipes from the likes of Laura Childs, B.B.