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Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.6 — "ICU"

The less-creepy-than-normal night opens with a young man being wheeled into the operating room by a Sketchy Nurse Man for a brain surgery in which he’ll be awake during the whole thing. (No, thank you, I say.) We know this isn’t going to end well, so I wish we could skip past the un-pleasantries. Suddenly, the doctors begin passing out, leaving our poor patient fuh-reak-ing out.

February Mainstream Overview: A Little Something for Everyone

The great thing about mainstream titles is that they run the gamut, from serious to fun, from covering the hard issues we deal with in real life to having just a bit of magic. For this month's mainstream overview, we'll preview a few titles we think you'll love, depending on your mood this February. We're here to help!For a look at friendship, try …