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Outlander Recap: Episode 1.15 — "Wentworth Prison"

Last week: Jenny and Claire played around at being bad girl outlaws, Claire took up a role as a traveling chanteuse in the search to find Jamie, Murtagh revealed he was in love with Jamie's mom, and Dougal took some time out of his panty-dropping schedule to let Claire know that Jamie's being held in Wentworth prison, set to hang.

Cheaper by the Dozen — This Week's Ebook Deals

What do you do when the growing number of new reads causes your wallet to shrink uncomfortably? Shop the e-book deals, of course! In this column we highlight some of our favorite book buys that will cost you less than a medium-sized coffee. All prices listed are accurate at the time of this blog's posting. Prices are subject to change without notice.

2015 RT Convention: Pitches from Future Bestsellers

We're (mostly) recovered from the RT convention last week in Dallas. One of our favorite events all week long was Pitchapalooza, where aspiring authors have three minutes to pitch their book to an industry professional. It's like agent/editor speed dating! So scary, right? We got some participants to tell us their pitches, so that we could share them with you. (Also scary!