At the moment, psychologist Blaize McCue is feeling way too much emotional pressure. On one side, she has her significant other, Homicide Det. Stephanos Zoloski, pushing for a permanent commitment, and on the other, Blaize has the emotional fallout from her dysfunctional childhood.

Blaize is forced to face the past when her brother Ian finally admits to her that he is a sex addict and that he was sexually abused by their Uncle Rich following their fathers death. Ian has joined a 12 Step Program and is trying to put his life back together. Wanting to build a closer relationship with Ian, Blaize agrees to attend a meeting with him.

The past with all its pain and secrets comes front and center when Uncle Rich is suddenly murdered. The police focus on Ian as the prime suspect, but Blaize is certain that Ian is innocent. Finding the real killer will require delving deeply into family relationships, secrets and lies. When it comes to dysfunctional family relationships, Blaize figures that hers can take top prize.

The third book in author Louise Crawfords ongoing series is definitely the darkest and most emotionally riveting. 12 JAGGED STEPS is truly transfixing, taut and emotionally charged suspense. (dl $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith