After two years of intensive work, PR whiz Tess OMara can now say that her Millennium Cruise promotion is a huge success. Her boss, eccentric millionaire Richard Mainwaring, is so pleased he tells Tess that there will be a substantial bonus deposited in her account the following morning.

When Tess checks her account on January 1, 2000, she finds that one million dollars has been added. Thrilled by Richards generosity, Tess goes on a spending spree, which includes a baby blue Mercedes. When Tess discovers an irregularity in the account and can get no straight answer from the bank, she calls her brother Andrew, who works for the Treasury Department. After hearing about the circumstances surrounding the mystery money, Andrew becomes quite alarmed and insists that Tess leave town immediately and hide out in Almost, AZ under the watchful eye of his old friend Sheriff T.J. McCall.

Tess is positive that Andrew is overreacting to the situation, but bows to his wishes. In the meantime, what is she supposed to do in this tiny town while waiting for the smoke to clear? Tess and T.J. are an explosive combination right from the start. If they dont strangle each other first, the sensual sparks are bound to singe them. Unfortunately, there is also that unresolved matter of the million dollars and the nasty folks who want it back.

Y2K mania strikes and 2000 KISSES is the wonderful result. This is Christina Skye at her very best. (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith