When Ms. Macomber's second installment of her Cedar Cover series kicks off, she has made a niche for herself with her series of small-town stories. Like a literary soap opera, she manages to continue stories in such a way that whether you are visiting Cedar Cove again, or coming for the first time, you will find yourselves interested in the lives of the people in this little town.

Grace Sherman's husband Dan has been missing for six months. He simply disappeared. Signs point to him leaving her for another woman, and Grace and her two daughters find themselves in various emotional states.

The youngest daughter, Kelly, recently had a baby, and she refuses to believe that her father will not see his first grandchild. The older daughter, Maryellen, is facing the fact that men sometimes leave. Her own past leads her to mistrust where men are concerned.

To top it all off, a new man has entered Grace's life, and she is torn between finding her past or moving on with her future.

(Sep., 384 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson