Image of 3 Men and a Body (Body Movers, Book 3)


Image of 3 Men and a Body (Body Movers, Book 3)

Bond continues her popular Body Movers series with a fast-paced and wickedly humorous story that skewers fame and celebrity obsession with deadly accuracy.

Suspended from her job and stressed out by recent events in her life -- including romantic problems with her ex-fiance, Peter Ashford, and cop Jack Terry -- Carlotta Wren is up for a diversion. So when Contestant No. 3 for her affections, Cooper Craft, asks her to join him while he picks up the corpse of infamous heiress Kiki Deerling in Florida, Carlotta's in. Not only because Cooper's hot -- which he is -- but because there's been a possible sighting of Carlotta's long-missing parents in the Sunshine State. Trouble is, Cooper's her brother Wesley's boss, and Wesley's on the lam from a loan shark called the Carver ... so he stows away in the back of the van, complicating the situation immeasurably. In other words, it's business as usual for the Wrens -- until they actually pick up Kiki's body, and people start trying to steal it! (MIRA, Aug., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer