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by Julie Leto

Genre: Series, Harlequin Blaze, Current Series Imprints

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3 SEDUCTIONS AND A WEDDING (3) by Julie Leto: Bianca and Cooper have lived together for a decade, but never married. Their friends, family and employers decide to throw them a surprise wedding. Bianca’s friend Jessie and Leo were once lovers; planning their friends’ honeymoon gives them the chance to exorcise the past, one way or the other. Bianca’s brother Drew and Cooper’s sister Annie head to New York to buy the dress. While there, Drew tries to convince the single mother that their 12-year age gap is meaningless to him. Mallory, Bianca’s boss, gets to know Cooper’s boss Ajay a lot better while they’re organizing the reception! Four romances in one book is a great concept, but it doesn’t quite come off. There’s plenty of humor and spicy sex, but there’s not enough time to get to know or care about the characters.

Reviewed By: Catherine Witmer

Publisher: HARLEQUIN

Published: June 2010

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4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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3 Seductions And A Wedding by Julie Leto

Submitted by hcabm on June 3, 2010 - 6:36am.

This is a story about friends and relatives coming together to plan a wedding for a couple who has been engaged for ten years. This couple cannot seem to hold still long enough to plan and execute a wedding.

In the meantime three couples set off to do their parts in setting up the perfect wedding, boy does the atmosphere heat up. The chemistry between the various couples sizzle.

I appreciate the back stories between the friends. I am amazed at the history we are given in a novella. This gives us more ambiance. It is so much better than a one night stand story about coupling between total strangers. I found the stories passionate, humorous and heartwarming.