Image of 4 Bodies and a Funeral (Body Movers, Book 4)


Image of 4 Bodies and a Funeral (Body Movers, Book 4)

As funny and charming as its predecessors in the Body Movers series, this is a quickly paced, impeccably plotted story that's guaranteed to please fans and new readers alike.

Still recovering from her near demise at the hands of Michael Lane, a man she'd considered a friend, Carlotta Wren shows up for her first day back at Neiman Marcus. She's just in time to run afoul of a cake-wielding crazy trying to get close to visiting Olympic athlete Eva McCoy. Of course, Detective Jack Terry and his gorgeous new partner, Maria Marquez, are present for Carlotta's humiliation. In all the confusion, Eva's famous charm bracelet is stolen.

Not long afterward, a charm is found on the body of a murder victim, making Carlotta -- and Jack -- wonder if there's some kind of connection. More bodies, more charms and then the terrifying news that Michael has escaped keep Carlotta too busy to seriously contemplate which of the three men in her life -- Jack, ex-fiance Peter or her brother Wesley's body-moving boss, Cooper -- she'll actually wind up with. But a girl's got to wonder! (MIRA, Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer