Image of 44 Charles Street: A  Novel


Image of 44 Charles Street: A  Novel

One would expect that an author as successful as Steel would have mastered the basic dictum of show, don’t tell. Too much of the narrative in 44 Charles Street tells the reader what has happened in long, tedious passages rather than showing through action and dialogue. Also, the two dramatic moments in the novel happen and are done in two or three pages each. A painfully boring read.

When art dealer Francesca’s boyfriend Todd moves out, she decides to rent the extra bedrooms in her home. Much to her surprise, strangers turn into family and the ups and downs of their lives affect her much more deeply than she could ever have foreseen. And one renter in particular gets closer to Francesca than she expected. (DELACORTE, Apr., 336 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes