Image of 6 Killer Bodies (Body Movers, Book 6)


Image of 6 Killer Bodies (Body Movers, Book 6)

Well plotted and with some nicely timed and completely unexpected twists, this story wraps up the Charmed Killer case at last. As always, this is good fun -- and an extremely entertaining read.

The Charmed Killer -- aka body mover Cooper Craft -- is in custody, and the women of Atlanta can relax. Or can they? Carlotta Wren's not convinced they have the right man, and neither is police detective Jack Terry. Carlotta's determined to prove Cooper's innocence and track down the man she believes is the culprit, her former co-worker, Michael Lane.

Working the case is almost enough to keep Carlotta's mind off her brother Wesley's increasingly complicated life, and the noises her former fiance, Peter Ashford, is making about taking their relationship to the next level. Then Cooper is released from jail and fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet. Things go from bad to worse when he removes it and vanishes, just as someone close to the case is murdered. But was she actually a Charmed Killer victim? Only time will tell. (MIRA, Jun., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer