Image of 61 Hours (Jack Reacher, Book 14)


Image of 61 Hours (Jack Reacher, Book 14)

Once again, Child spins a riveting, ticking-clock Jack Reacher adventure. This time we get a little more about the lone wolf's childhood and a long-distance flirtation, along with the hair-raising action scenes and tactical maneuvers fans love. It's guaranteed you'll finish this one in less than 61 hours -- and the jolter conclusion will shock and awe you.

A blizzard strands Reacher in a small South Dakota town, where the police are guarding a government witness to a drug crime. While Reacher and the locals struggle with the elements and a possible riot at the nearby prison, a criminal mastermind plots his next move. (DELACORTE, May, 383 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French