Annmarie owns Weston Designs, her own fashion label. She'll need the efforts of her 10 female employees to meet the current deadline for her largest order to date. But her seamstresses are distracted by the building contractors next door—a group of well-built men who lose their T-shirts when the temperature hits 68 degrees.

Nick runs Pedroni and Son Construction, and he's been scoping out Annmarie since bidding on the building project. He knows he has her attention when he catches her ogling him after shooing her girls inside. But she's from old Boston money, and Nick got burned years ago by a wealthy girlfriend.

Douglas hits the nail on its head describing Annmarie's internal debate about wanting Nick and the young seamstresses' reactions to the construction workers. She also uses Annmarie's very pregnant office assistant Jean as a foil to her confusion. The honesty between the two friends generates laughter and warmth. (dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige