Image of The Sixth Extinction (Sigma Force)


Image of The Sixth Extinction (Sigma Force)

In this continuation of his Sigma Force series, Rollins’ plot weaves together terrorists, man against nature, historical facts, plenty of action and a touch of romance. Readers will encounter a story so terror-laden and adrenaline-pumping that before-bedtime reading may be hazardous. Sigma Force characters must grapple with situations more horrifying than previously encountered.

Sigma Force Director Painter Crowe and his fiancée — and fellow operative — Lisa postpone their upcoming wedding when called to investigate an unimaginable disaster. A remote California military research station explodes shortly after broadcasting a distress call saying “Kill us all.” Lisa stays in California to deal with the medical fall-out, while Painter travels to Brazil tracking a mad scientist and Commander Gray Pierce’s team battles mercenaries and prehistoric creatures in Antarctica. The fate of mankind rests in their hands. (WILLIAM MORROW, Aug., 448 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan