Returning to Cedar Cove is always a pleasure, and this book is a particular delight. All of the usual suspects are accounted for, and Macomber's breezy, conversational style makes their trials seem like real events in the lives of
old friends.

Changes are occurring in Cedar Cove, and not all of them are happy ones. Rachel Pendergast is torn between her boyfriend, Nate Olsen, and the man she keeps trying to tell herself is just a friend, Bruce Peyton, just as Linnette McAfee takes to the road to forget Cal, the cowboy who broke her heart.

Meanwhile, Justine and Seth Gunderson ponder reopening the Lighthouse -- not failing to recognize that the fire that destroyed the restaurant probably saved their marriage. Bobby Polgar's wife, Teri, deals with the sudden reappearance of her family, most notably her man-eating sister, Christie. Sheriff Troy Davis finally moves on after the premature death of his wife, while Olivia Griffin faces a grave challenge to her health. And that's not all! (MIRA, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer