Over twenty years ago, LAPD Officer Roy Frady was found executed in a vacant LA apartment. The question of who killed him and why has never been answered. Documentary filmmaker Maggie MacGown has chosen the Frady story to be her next film project, and for once she even has network backing. Maggie also has the inside track on information, as her lover, Detective Mike Flint, used to be one of the group of officers known as the Four Horsemen, along with Hector Melendez, Doug Senecal and Roy Frady himself.

The Frady story is rich with motives and suspects, all of whom would have liked to see Frady dead. They range from area gang bangers, a deranged cop killer, and a fellow officer who "shared" a girl-friend with Frady to the infamous Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) with their star inductee, Patty Hearst.

Maggie studies the facts and questions the remaining witnesses, discovering that time has not lessened the impact of this case-her sources suddenly begin turning up injured or dead. Even the tragic death of fellow officer Hector Melendez appears to be linked to the past. While many people had reason to fear or hate Roy Frady, who was actually willing to kill him? Maggie's stubborn determination won't let her stop until she uncovers the truth behind this web of lies and death.

In another tour-de-force performance, mega-talented author Wendy Hornsby takes a fascinating look into a time and place that was rife with tension and strife. For anyone who remembers the final epic showdown of the SLA, this book makes for especially compelling and fascinating reading. Don't miss it! (Oct., 272 pp., $20.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith