That old shade, Sir Septimus Spivey, is up to mischief again in his quest to rid 7 Mayfair Square of two more tenants. He decides that shy, quiet Sibyl Smiles and barrister Mr. Hunter Lloyd should marry.

Considering herself an independent woman, Sibyl does not want a husband. She wants a baby. But she needs a gentleman to do the deed, so to speak. Long harboring a tendre for handsome Hunter, she approaches him with her shocking proposition.

What Hunter doesnt need now is a woman to distract him, for his defense of a client has resulted in threats on his life. Aghast at Sibyls idea, he tries to dissuade her from her hair-brained scheme. It seems Hunter also harbors feelings for Sibyl: good old-fashioned lust!

Now, it seems that Spivey will have to devise a plan to see that these two are wed first and bedded second.

Ms. Cameron writes a character-driven, sensual story compete with star-crossed lovers, intrigue and a pragmatic old coot. 7B is the third in the Mayfair Square series and is a fun fest of a read. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 442 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammon