A deal was struck between Anthony Hartstone, third Earl of Pentargon and in exchange for Camelbournes support of legislation to ensure the protection of countless children living under inhumane conditions. Anthony would shed himself of the island he and inherited and help save innocents. Why then couldnt he celebrate? Perhaps it has something to do with Morwenna Halliwell.

The island folk truly believe Morwenna to be possessed of powers that can make rainbows appear and storms arise. It is even rumored that she is under the protection of Morgan le Fay, King Arthurs sister.

No matter the truth Morwenna is determined that nothing will change the island or arm its inhabitants. She firmly believes that Abandon is the resting place of King Arthur and she intends to prove it.

The clash of will that follows is sprinkled with magic and poignancy as both Morwenna and Anthony truly believe they are doing what is right and just. They discover that together they are strong and that there is the means if there is the will and the love for both of them to win. How they get to that point is they essence of romance and the true magic of this wondrous tale.

Ms. Hunter has always managed to make a believer out of her readers and even the most-hardened cynic will come away from this stunning and uplifting tale with the knowledge that evil will be vanquished and all can be right with the world because love and miracles do exist. This is why I read romance. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin