Image of Abandon the Night: Envy Chronicles Book 3


Image of Abandon the Night: Envy Chronicles Book 3

The third chapter in Ware's post-
apocalyptic Awakening Heroes series centers around time traveler Quent Fielding, whose father issues register on an epic scale. Family is also the
driving force behind the actions of
the elusive archer called Zoe. Each
consecutive book peels back more
layers of Ware's devastated world,
but those revelations only add more questions and intriguing characters.

Quent left home at 18 to escape his father's brutal madness. The discovery that his father was a ringleader in the events that led to the destruction of the world as we knew it is devastating. Now Quent is determined to track down his father and kill him.

The woman named Zoe knows all about revenge obsessions. She's been hunting Raul Marck, the man who killed her family. Getting involved with Quent is not in this loner's plans, but for some reason, Zoe can't help herself. Assisting each other on their quests for individual vengeance could either lead to success or get them both killed. (AVON, Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith