At 17, Abigail Moore loved bad boy Johnnie Leaf. But she couldn't leave her ailing mother to run away with him, and her irate brother ended their time together. Young Johnnie became a ruthless gun for hire and went to prison. Abbie entered into an abusive marriage arranged by her father to protect her unborn baby. Her husband's death sets her free, but he cruelly told Abbie's daughter that John Leaf is her real father.

Now her daughter has run away to find the father she's never known. Abbie travels with her wayward young son to seek John's help in finding her. Reverend John Leaf doesn't know he's a father, but he'd vowed never to marry or risk passing on his family curse of hatred and insanity. He isn't sure he wants to claim the daughter he shares with Abbie, but he becomes more and more certain he loves Abbie and wants her back in his life.

In this third book set in Midas, New Mexico, Bylin relates the appealing story of a broken family's redemption and ends with the promise of a fourth romance about Abbie's daughter and Rafe LaCroix. These bad-boy western romances aren't to be missed. SENSUAL (Apr., 296 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger