Image of Abducted


Image of Abducted

Ragan executes this spine-chilling thriller with such razor-sharp precision readers are left breathless. The creep factor is ratcheted up so high that you’ll want every light blazing throughout the house.

Lizzy Gardner was kidnapped after sneaking out to meet her boyfriend. Years later Lizzy, now known as “the one who got away,” is a licensed PI searching for runaway teenagers and teaching young girls to protect themselves. FBI special agent Jared Shayne reaches out to Lizzy for assistance. Lizzy has no intention of getting caught up until Jared tells her the captor left her a note. She thought escaping from her captor was the end of that nightmare, but it might have been just the beginning … (THERESA RAGAN, Oct., 350 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco