This is a cute twist on the kidnapping plotline, since it's usually the woman who's kidnapped. The characters are easy to sympathize with, if somewhat weak, and if they were truthful about the misunderstanding that drives the plot, the story would be lost. Still, this is an enjoyable and quick read.

Dorie McCabe needs a husband, and she can't think of a better one than Shane Graham. Unfortunately Shane is just about to marry, so she kidnaps him. His bride, Marilee, has run away, so he reluctantly agrees to help Dorie by pretending to be her husband when she meets her half-brother's grandparents. Their feelings for each other grow and change from friends to possible lovers. Despite that, Shane tells Dorie that he still plans to marry Marilee when she's found. Meanwhile, they must face the consequences of their deception about being married. (Harlequin, Sep., 298 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager