Image of Abducted by a Prince (Cinderella Sisterhood Series)


Image of Abducted by a Prince (Cinderella Sisterhood Series)

Everyone who becomes a member of the Cinderella sisterhood knows the right pair of slippers changes everything. Drake will have readers believing in the magic of not only a pair of shoes, but also love and the joy of finding your soul mate. Abducted By a Prince is imbued with humor, poignancy and characters who come alive. Then, Drake adds romance and passion until the mix is perfectly unforgettable.

A gift of a pair of slippers only makes Ellie Stratham feel more like Cinderella — forced to work as her selfish cousin Lady Beatrice’s companion. Then she’s mistaken for Beatrice and abducted by Damien Burke. Damien is the owner of a notorious gaming club and intends to reclaim a key stolen from him by Lady Beatrice’s brother. Though Ellie insists he has the wrong woman, Damien refuses to let her go and by the time he realizes his mistake, it is too late. As their verbal battles turn into a different kind of heated exchange, Damien and Ellie fall in love. Ellie must help Damien locate the key and uncover the truth of his heritage in order to truly fulfill her destiny. (ST. MARTIN’S, May, 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin