It is not really Amy's fault that men insist on abducting her. She is just so amazingly beautiful that it seems to go to men's heads. She has all of London at her feet, except the one man whom she finds the most fascinating, her family's enemy, the Earl of Maxbridge.

Amy is hard-pressed to keep her uncle from selling her to the highest bidder. And to keep erstwhile gentlemen from abducting her willy-nilly she must enlist the aid of the Earl at every turn, it seems. In spite of his original low opinion of her as a heartless fortune hunter, the Earl finds himself falling for the character of the woman behind the beautiful face—and ultimately ABDUCTING AMY for himself.

June Calvin has a clever way with repartee, and her characters are, realistically, neither all bad nor all good. Her spunky heroine had me laughing out loud and wanting to box a few ears myself for her sake. (Jul., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck