Image of Abomination


Image of Abomination

Suspense abounds in the latest title in Coble's Rock Harbor series. It's wonderful to reconnect with familiar characters and meet new ones, and the murderer's identity comes as a big surprise. The lack of strong spiritual content is disappointing, but the novel is still intriguing.

A woman barely escapes a brutal killer, but she has amnesia. When Bree Matthews finds the woman and her young daughter on the side of the road, she believes the woman has been abused and takes them into her home.

A killer has been mutilating women's bodies and leaving them around the area. The police are on his trail, but Captain Nick Andreakos has another reason to find the culprit. His ex-wife has been identified as one of the victims, and his young daughter is still missing. Can he catch the murderer and find his daughter? (THOMAS NELSON, Aug., 336 pp., $21.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel