Daisy Spencer has grown up in a very important family in the small town of Trinity Harbor, Virginia. She taught high school and Sunday School, worked on committees, and spent time with her father and two brothers.

All Daisy ever wanted was to marry and raise a famliy of her own. Fate steps in when she discovers she cant have children and her fianci leaves her. Now, thirty years old and still single, Daisy sees fate step in once again when she discovers an orphaned runaway trying to steal her car. Ten-year-old Tommy has never known his father and has recently lost his mother. After staying in numerous foster homes, he has lost his ability to trust adults.

Detective Walker Ames is also alone in the world. Divorced from his wife, his parents died years ago and his sister ran off at age 16. Despite Walkers training, he has never been able to find her. Now he receives a call informing him that his sister has died and left her son fatherless. From the first, Daisy and Walker dislike each other but realize they share a love for Tommy. Walker agrees to stick around for a while to decide whats best for the boy. He starts to see what life in a small town has to offer and what a woman like Daisy could mean in his life.

Ms. Woods has created a wonderfully charming cast of characters in this, the first of her new trilogy. Her story is full of warmth and humor and certain to leave you anxious for further installments. (Jun., 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson