The only daughter of the Earl of Norwich, Lady Elizabeth Harcourt, leads a staid and loveless life, complicated by her father's remarriage. One night while attending the theater, she encounters Latin lothario Gabriel Christofore, whose blatant sexual promise sparks her curiosity.

He claims he only wants to paint her portrait, but even inexperienced Elizabeth knows he wants more. A renowned lover, painter and con artist, Gabriel sets his sights on wealthy women then seduces them out of their money. But Elizabeth, it seems, is different.

As his seduction begins and Gabriel slowly unleashes her desire, he becomes captivated with Elizabeth, breaking all his rules by falling in love. Elizabeth is no fool, but she too falls under Gabriel's sensual spell. Is she willing to risk everything—society, fortune and wealth for love?

Cheryl Holt demonstrates her phenomenal understanding of women's secret longings in her third erotic romance. With titillating and provocative narrative, she builds both the sexual tension and the romance to a point of eruption. SPICY (Feb., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin