Former cop Dulcie Quinn knew she was in for trouble the minute her old partner and friend Det. Bobby Halloran showed up at her houseboat. She just had no idea how much trouble.

After years of futile attempts, the police finally have a witness who can testify that Jacob Mitsumi, the infamous crime lord, killed a man. The problem is keeping that witness alive long enough to testify. Knowing that Dulcie has a vested interest in bringing down Mitsumi, Bobby asks that she hide the witness on her boat. It was Mitsumis men who beat Dulcie with a baseball bat, injuring her and ruining her career.

Dulcie is dumbstruck when Bobbys witness turns out to be a male exotic dancer with a body to die for. Despite his lack of attire, Bobby and Dulcie quickly suspect there is more to Julien then meets the eye. The immediate problem is keeping him on the boat since the witness protection treatment is against his will. To keep Julien on the boat and Mitsumis men off, Dulcie sets out on a rambling course.

But Juliens not about to let the police sidetrack him from his true purpose: killing Jacob Mitsumi, responsible for the brutal murder of his 16 year old brother. But the forced confinement with Dulcie tests Juliens resolve, for their attraction is fierce and passionate. Both are loners with painful pastsif Mitsumi has his way, there wont be a chance for a future.

Avon launches a brand new author, who if her first book is any indication, has an auspicious career a head of her. Ms. Jerott makes a spectacular debut with this novel, which won a RWA Golden Heart Award. Definitely one to watch! (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith