The last thing CPA Travers Kineally wants to do is escort three ditzy women to Las Vegas. However, Travers' son, Kyle, insisted on the trip. The women claim to be the original Fates, who have lost their jobs to three of Zeus' teenage daughters. Travers doesn't believe in magic or superpowers, but Kyle knows better.

Vegas P.I. Zoe Sinclair knows trouble is coming. As a 150-year-old mage, she was given a prophecy about her fate that, if true, could cost her everything. When Travers, Kyle and the Fates arrive, she is annoyed and astonished. However, when she confirms that the Fates have indeed lost their powers, she must protect them from those seeking vengeance.

The Fates are back again and wreaking havoc in more lives as they continue their quest to get reinstated in their old jobs. Grayson has created a world that is so rich and humorous, it is sure to provide the basis for many more novels. This novel sparkles, sizzles and explodes! (Jan., 304 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith