Molly Abberwick, trustee of the Abberwick Foundation, has about reached the end of her rope with her hired consultant Dr. Harry Stratton Trevelyan. Harry is supposed to be reviewing and selecting the most promising of the new inventions submitted to the Foundation but has debunked every single one. Molly is on the verge of firing him when she unexpectedly discovers his secret.

Harry Stratton Trevelyan has spent most of his life at war with the two sides of his nature. From the Stratton branch he has inherited a pragmatic business sense, but from the Trevelyan side he is reputed to have inherited the Trevelyan second sight. Unfortunately it is not only his nature that is at war, for both branches of Harry's family are slowly pulling him apart.

Discovering the hidden depths in Harry becomes a fascinating endeavor for Molly. Harry, however, is terrified of revealing his secrets, for his ex-fiance, a psychiatrist, is convinced that he has deep psychological problems. Molly is not put off by his mysterious and passionate undercurrents, and finds him utterly fascinating and compelling. She also discovers his protective side, when someone starts playing an escalating series of practical jokes that quickly lose their humor. It will take all of Harry's skills to protect Molly from danger. Can Molly return the favor and protect Harry from his warring family?

Jayne Ann Krentz's ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY is without a doubt absolutely fabulous. Savor and enjoy. (Jan., 309 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith