Nonstop action, pulse-elevating romance and a fast pace keep this book flowing smoothly. Damschroder definitely knows how to write one sexy, saucy, exhilarating tale.

After security expert Jason Templeton plunges eight floors, crushing bones and rupturing internal organs, a highly skilled medical team does the impossible: They save his life and restructure him with experimental procedures developed by his company and funded by his boss and best friend, Matthew. Matthew owns the most notable security firm in the world, highly esteemed until the ambushed mission that “killed” Jason, put the company in the spotlight and made Matthew’s daughter, Lark, a target. Lark developed the nerve regeneration therapy used to save Jason. When Lark’s life is threatened, Matthew assigns Jason to protect her. Sparks fly, blood churns, but Jason respects Matthew too much to betray him. When Matthew goes missing, Lark and Jason set out not only to save the company, but everyone’s lives. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco