There's just no resisting cyber-sleuth and AIP (artificial intelligence personality) Turing Hopper. With human companions Maude and Tim, the computer-generated heroine is anything but mechanical. Turing's sentient, and because she has the ability to feel, her relationships are touchingly human.

Turing has a clone, T2, that she thinks of as a sister. Now T2 has gone missing and may have been kidnapped by a man named Nestor, who wants to unlock the potentially devastating technology of computer consciousness for his own evil purposes.

When a dormant credit card belonging to Nestor suddenly becomes active, Turing does some IP detecting and gets an address. Meanwhile, during a routine stakeout, Tim is set up
for murder and Turing and Maude
are convinced that Nestor's behind
the scheme.

Andrews' complex plotting
and insightful characterizations
add dimension to a story super-
charged with suspense. (Dec., 256
pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison