Set in a small town in Montana, this book paints a beautiful picture of first love and forgiveness. Travis is a strong male lead who wants to right the wrongs he’s done in the past and show Shay his true feelings for her. Seeing the love unfold between these two is truly heartwarming.

Shay Brandenberger is used to gossip about her. She’s been through a failed engagement, a failed marriage and single parenthood. So when Shay participates in the Founder’s Day wedding reenactment with her childhood sweetheart Travis McCoy, she knows the town will be talking. But when they both learn that the “marriage” was accidentally made official, Shay must decide if she can put her pride aside and let Travis into her heart again, or break up the marriage before it has a chance to begin. (THOMAS NELSON, Feb., 304 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angie Howatt