Image of The Accidental Countess


Image of The Accidental Countess

Willingham pens a sweet, typical adventure romance with everything in place and few surprises. It is her keen sense of the era and delightful characters that keep readers coming back
for more.

When Emily Chesterfield needed to be rescued, her childhood friend, Stephen, the Earl of Whitmore, was her champion. But after one incredible wedding night, he left, returning three months later, injured and with no memory of their marriage.

Stephen recalls nothing of the months since he left the country to search for Emily's brother in London. He awakens to find a beautiful woman, who claims to be his wife, caring for him. Emily is wed to a man who not only suspects her of lying but who believes she is an unsuitable wife. As they begin to get to know one another again and fall in love once more, someone who is stalking them wants to make sure Stephen's amnesia is permanent. (HARLEQUIN, Feb., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin