A new talent just hit the urban fantasy genre, and she has a genuine gift for
creating dangerously hilarious drama. Viewed through Lizzie's eyes, events are both comically absurd and terrifying. Fox has created her own unique flavor of the supernatural, and it's a weird one!

Until her 30th birthday, Lizzie Brown's life is fairly normal. Adopted as a child, Lizzie never heard from her biological grandmother until the day before. Suddenly her Harley-driving, tattooed grandma Gertie shows up and claims Lizzie is a hereditary witch/demon slayer whose powers are about to erupt. Lizzie thinks she's nuts until she sees a nasty-looking demon on her toilet.

Now Lizzie, Gertie and Lizzie's hyperactive, suddenly-talking dog Pirate are on the run. It seems that a powerful demon named Vald wants Lizzie's new power. The only bright spot is the arrival of handsome shapeshifting griffin Dimitri Kallinikos, who claims to be Lizzie's protector. (LOVE SPELL, Aug., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith