Image of The Accidental Genie (An Accidental Series)


Image of The Accidental Genie (An Accidental Series)

The OOPS team faces a peculiar problem in the newest wise-cracking and wacky novel from the always delightful Cassidy. The dialogue is fast and furious, the characters are offbeat and the situations bizarre, but Cassidy pulls it all together for another laugh-filled adventure.

With the OOPS team (Wanda, Nina and Marty) on a shopping trip, Marty’s werewolf brother-in-law, Sloan Flaherty, has been forced to man their phone helpline. His boredom is alleviated when he gets a call from a woman claiming to be stuck in a bottle. When a client asked her to open an old bottle of gin, caterer Jeannie Carlyle became trapped inside, wearing horrendous harem pants. Sloan locates the bottle and rubs it, freeing Jeannie — only now she feels compelled to call him master. The OOPS team has their hands full this time, and unfortunately their knowledge of the djinn is zero. They had better figure it out quickly, before Jeannie’s inadvertent wish-granting gets them into real trouble. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Dec., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith