Image of The Accidental Human (The Accidental Series, Book 3)


Image of The Accidental Human (The Accidental Series, Book 3)

The final member of Cassidy's trio of decidedly offbeat friends faces her toughest challenge, but that doesn't mean there isn't humor to spare! Of the trio, Wanda Schwartz is the most calm, if a bit OCD, but in this she's put through a wacked-out wringer with a paranormal twist. With emotion, laughter and some pathos, Cassidy serves up another winner!

Having seen her best friends turn into a werewolf and a vampire, Wanda is hoping for some normalcy.

That is not to be, however, when Wanda learns she has a terminal illness. Having difficulty coping, Wanda tells no one and tries to forge ahead, but then she runs head-on into mystery man Heath Jefferson, who claims to want to sell Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics. And wouldn't you know it, that sexy man knows his color wheels!

But there's something strange about Heath and his aging manservant Archibald -- they seem to have no past. Wanda thinks she can have a wild-hot fling with no strings, but will her heart let her? With death rapidly approaching, Wanda has some decisions to make!

(BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 341 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith