Image of The Accidental Lawman


Image of The Accidental Lawman

Landis weaves an exquisite story of love, loss and redemption in this inspirational tale with a realistic kick. The story is filled with the heart-wrenching emotion and tender love that readers long for and expect.

Moments after bumping into each other at the bank, Amelia Hawthorne and Hank Larson find themselves in the middle of a heist. Grateful for Hank's quick thinking and help in catching one of the gunmen, the community makes him their new sheriff and he sets out to find the other gunman. Amelia must make a painful decision -- she knows who the gunman is and is torn between her duty to the town and a promise she made to her dying father. But she doesn't know that God's answer will come from a most unexpected place. (STEEPLE HILL, Jun., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes