Image of The Accidental Wedding (Berkley Sensation)


Image of The Accidental Wedding (Berkley Sensation)

Gracie writes a traditional amnesia plot with charm and grace. Appealing characters allow readers to experience their emotions and smile with happiness.

Maddy Woodford has enough problems: with five half-siblings to raise and a ruthless landlord at the door, she doesn’t need more trouble. But when a stranger is injured she takes him home to heal. Nash Renfrew awakens with no memory. As he mends and his memory returns, he knows he has powerful feelings for Maddy. He offers to marry her to avoid scandal and her landlord’s threats. The passion they share is real and powerful, but their love opens a Pandora’s box of new dangers and shocking revelations. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Oct., 325 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin