Image of Accidentally Demonic (The Accidental Series, Book 4)


Image of Accidentally Demonic (The Accidental Series, Book 4)

The unlucky gene seems to run in the Schwartz family, as Wanda's little sister Casey has her own
run-in with the supernatural. The author's outrageous humor is on full display as the whole gang
faces yet another crisis of the weird. It is never a dull moment in a Cassidy book as both the snappy dialogue and wacky high jinks ensure giggles and guffaws!

Casey's job as a PR handler for two rich twins has consumed her life to the point that she's lost touch with her big sister Wanda. But when Casey ends up in jail for beating down an off-duty officer, Wanda is the one she calls. Casey can't explain her sudden bout of temper or extreme strength; unfortunately vampire Clayton Gunnersson can ... Casey accidentally had a vial of demon blood dumped on her in a bar. Now Casey is becoming a demon, and not just any demon, but a genetic twin to Hildegard, Clay's mate. Wanda, Nina and Marty thought they had seen weird, but leave it to Casey to discover a whole new level of the wacky!

(BERKLEY SENSATION, Feb., 336 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith