Image of Accused (Pacific Coast Justice)


Image of Accused (Pacific Coast Justice)

Cantore’s 22 years in law enforcement add credibility to this first book in her Pacific Coast Justice trilogy. The action is fast paced and the suspenseful surprises keep readers engrossed. Some may envy the peace of Jesus they view in others. However, it is available to anyone — all one has to do is ask.

After being involved in a shooting, police officer Carly Edwards was placed on desk duty in the juvenile division, which she despises. When Mayor Burke is murdered, Londy Akins is arrested, though he proclaims his innocence. It appears he may have been set up and that someone in the police department is involved. Carly’s ex-husband, a fellow officer, Nick, wants to help her. But he betrayed her before and, if there are corrupt cops involved, can she trust Nick or anyone else? (TYNDALE, Feb., 300 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee