Image of Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)


Image of Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)

TOP PICK! At long last, the remarkable and prolific Kenyon delivers one of the most hotly anticipated books of the year. This 700-plus page mammoth adventure is split into two distinct sections. The first and longest section is an extremely dark and horrific exploration of Acheron's early existence 11,000 years ago and the torturous events that shaped him. Kenyon does not shy away from expressly detailing both the physical and psychological abuse this beloved character endures. The second section of the book leaps to the present and places Acheron on the horns of a tricky dilemma. In part two, the tone of the book rediscovers the humor and kick-butt attitude previously found in this much-loved series. Acheron's fans can rejoice, for Kenyon has given him a feisty and loving heroine to help heal the dark places in his soul! Truly remarkable!

***Spoiler Alert*** Knowing the Fates have cursed her unborn son, the destroyer goddess Apollymi takes desperate measures to save him. Despite her best efforts, Acheron is reviled and abused by the humans who should love him. Acheron's twisted relationship with the goddess Artemis brings him nothing but pain, and it is through her machinations that he is unwillingly brought back to life to be mankind's defender. After countless centuries, Acheron may finally get his shot at happiness in the form of one klutzy, stubborn and dedicated woman! (ST. MARTIN'S, Aug., 728 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith