Maitland (Michael Lee West) puts her more literary spin on the UF genre with this rich, compelling novel. She’s a talented storyteller and the ending leaves open the possibility of sequels. I for one would enjoy visiting this world again!

London tour guide Caroline Clifford has led an unusual life. Orphaned in a terrible fire as a child, she was whisked away to England by her archeologist uncle, Nigel Clifford. Caroline is devastated when she learns Nigel has been murdered while at a dig in Bulgaria. During her journey to retrieve his remains, Caroline meets biochemist Jude Barrett, who had been corresponding with Nigel. Jude’s work with stem cell mutations in mice led him to the discovery of vampires. At first Caroline is dismissive of Jude’s claims; after she is kidnapped, she begins to wonder. To find the answers, Caroline and Jude musts follow the clues left by Nigel. (BERKLEY, Dec., 544 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith