Image of Acquired: The CEO's Small-Town Bride


Image of Acquired: The CEO's Small-Town Bride

ACQUIRED: THE CEO’S SMALL-TOWN BRIDE (4.5) by Catherine Mann: Mann’s neat wrap-up of the Takeover series is a juicy foray into high school romance and adult responsibilities, with a tantalizing couple and a startling climax. Corporate raider Rafe Cameron has landed back in his hometown, determined to exact revenge for the way his family was treated when he was young. High school flame Sarah Richards has been charged with trying to talk him out of it. Sarah was supposed to leave town with Rafe after finishing school, but the small-town girl opted to stay where she knew she belonged and, though she never stopped loving Rafe, she married another man. Now Sarah’s not sure if she’ll ever find the old caring Rafe in the man who has returned ready to crush everything under his heel.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper