Akira Reed never expected to find someone to love, especially with the position she's in now. Working as a pharmaceutical sales representative, Akira never had a problem with the work aspect of the job. It's the personal part that becomes a bother when her boss, Mr. Johnson, harasses her.

When Akira decides to sue, she meets Roman Miller, the man who stops her heart. However, things get complicated when Mr. Johnson accuses Akira of stealing the formula for a vaccine. Akira and Roman must keep their relationship a secret, all the while trying to prove Akira's innocence.

I had a very difficult time absorbing this book. The dialogue felt forced and Akira's character was too harsh. Roman, on the other hand, was multifaceted and likable. With more action and snappier dialogue, this book would've been a keeper for me. (May, 297 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer