Not since Marsha Canham's The Wind and the Sea has there been as tempestuous, adventurous and rip- roaring high seas adventure as ACROSS A MOONLIT SEA. If you want to feel the salt spray on your skin, smell the sea and find romance in the rigging then join Isabeau ("Beau") and Simon Dante on their reckless voyage to love and adventure.

When he is betrayed by a fellow Englishman and left to die at the hands of the Spaniards, Simon Dante survives, bent on revenge. With his ship sinking he captures and commandeers Captain Spence's ship, but not without a fight from the captain's daughter, Beau.

The finest pilot and navigator on the high seas, Beau can use a cutlass and her sharp tongue with equal skill. Simon must somehow tame and woo the insolent wench, convincing Beau to help him claim his revenge.

Beau has never met a man like Dante, and though she is a strong-willed woman she falls in love with the rakish, devilishly handsome captain. Together they make a team few can equal.

From the mid-Atlantic to the shores of England, from capturing a Spanish galleon to the dangers of Cadiz, Beau and Dante explore their love and danger with equal abandon.

Marsha Canham ensures herself a place as queen of romantic adventure. You don't just read ACROSS A MOONLIT SEA, you live it. SENSUAL (Feb., 388 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin