ACROSS THE RAINBOW is a sweet romance that will make readers wonder what might happen if we, like Dorothy in Oz, could fly "over the rainbow" to another time. This charming and lovely little tale fits the bill for a good evening's fantasy.

Two-year-old Jamie believes that if her private-pilot father flies over the rainbow, the widower will find the ideal Princess Mom and wife. Going along with Jamie's fantasy, David flies through a rainbow under direction from his ground crew, Jamie and her aunt.

When he attempts to land the plane, the terrain looks only slightly familiar. The airport is gone. Spying a woman on horseback, he guides his plane near her.

Analisa Ludke, alone in the world after her family's death, in 1886 Wyoming, sees a strange bird coming towards her. Frightened, she hides and watches as David lands.

David feels as if he has entered the "Twilight Zone," but then he makes excuses to explain the phenomenon. When he meets Analisa, who is fascinated by the modern equipment, he is attracted to her self-reliance and strength. Accepting that Jamie just may have wished him into the past, he accepts his fate and goes along with the idea.

The lack of modern medical knowledge and healing methods frighten him when Analisa becomes sick. He considers taking the plane and finding another rainbow to get her help. But convincing her that she is fated to return with David will not be easy.

(Nov., 364 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer